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Defensive Angling

Players line up along boards in the neutral zone. The coach has all the pucks.

On whistle, both players at the front of line skate out, Coach at random passes the puck to a player.

Player with the puck skates wide to try to score. The other player angles the puck carrier toward the boards and tries to intercept the player and the puck.

Repeat with the two next players

Half Ice D Drill

Three stations as follows

1. At the top you have the Defense partners making quick passes back and forth while they are going from one side of the boards to the other. One D going forward and one backwards

2. Bottom left - 6 D does a figure 8 around the hash marks always facing 5. They then start passing the puck back and forth - switch spots

3 Bottom right - 4 goes around the circle always facing 3 while they pass the puck back and forth - switch spots

Half Ice D Drill 2

1. Follow pattern as shown making complete stops and always facing up ice, do crossovers when moving laterally. (Defensemen line up as follows)

2. Every time they stop - dot, hash mark, dot, top of circle, dot, hash mark, dot, and bottom of circle - they will receive a pass from a Coach or Defensemen and return it.

-To start the drill, have the players complete the pattern without the passes first.
-Have the passers - 3 and 5 - with more than one puck and repeat if there is a bad pass.
-Give all D a chance to be the passer

Breakout 1

Place the players and coach as shown. When the coach dumps the puck into the corner, players set up in their break out positions.

Center must watch very closely which corner the puck is dumped into. The center must swing into the opposite direction the puck goes in.

Why - When the puck gets dumped into the corner by the opposing team, that side becomes the strong side.

Basic Breakout - 3 on 1

All players are on the ice and they line up as shown for each position.

1. Forward line comes to center ice.
2. On whistle players follow patterns as shown.
3. Especially to the younger age groups stress the importance of timing.
4. Make sure they are watching the play develop and they are not just following their pattern and getting too far ahead of the play.

-Switch defense and work on the other side - RD passing to RW.
-have them practice the triangle offense during 3 on 1.
-if something isn't working whistle it down and explain it immediately