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Pass and Follow - 3 player 1

Players Line up as Shown:

1. Player 2 passes it to Player 1 and skates hard behind Player 1.
2. Player 1 than passes to Player 3 and skates hard behind Player 3 and so on.

Good drill to sharpen up the passing and for conditioning.
Do it for about 5 minutes.

Make sure Players are skating hard to their spot and stopping rather than turning half way there.
Also make sure Players are ready in their hockey stance and prepared to adjust when waiting for the pass.

Riding the Walls

Players line up above goal line, skate around the back of the goal, and pass forehand/backhand to the corner. They then skate along the wall keeping their heads up looking inside for a pass


Once the players have gone thru 2-3 times swap sides and go again

2 Pucks

A passing drill

Put a number of pylons on the goal to goal line.

Each player has a puck.

Player 1 passes to player 2, while player 2 passes to player1.

Both making sure the pucks go between the pylons.

Passing to each other until they reach the other side.

D to D to F - Neutral Zone

F1 passes the puck to (D1 who passes to D2).
F1 quickly skates from blue line to blue line stops and quickly skates back towards the net.
F1 gets the pass back from D2 and skates in and shoots on the goalie.
F3 and F1 go at the same time.
F2 and F4 go at the same time.

Instead of a direct pass back to F1, D2 banks the puck off the boards to F1.
F1 passes to D2 who passes to D1 then passes back to F1.