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Quick Start

Players line up as shown with pucks in the middle

1. Players skate to the red line make a complete stop, back to the blue line and then up the ice racing to the puck.

2. If they get to the puck first they go in on the goalie and if they are second they try and catch the other player.

Variation 2:

- use half ice and make them make turns.

Skate Figure 8

This is a simple warm-up drill to loosen up the legs hip flexors and groin muscles on both legs.

All players can do this.

Place four cones on the back face-off dots.
Skaters must go in a figure 8 pattern around the goals outside the cones once they pass the goal they MUST SPRINT past the cones and then skate to the other end.

5 rotations forwards then 5 rotations backward.


4 Minute Drill

Divide all of the players into groups of 3 in each line.
1. Each player skates from the blue line to the red line twice as shown.
2. Then the next player in the line repeats it and so on and the drill continues for 4 minutes.

Add variations for example: one puck per group, start off on there knees or stomachs, going backwards on the way back etc.
It's a good drill to do if you have a lot of players who have a bad habit of skating by the puck carrier and doing a big loop instead of stopping.
The main thing with this drill is that everyone is going full speed for the duration of the 4 minutes.
The threat of adding time to the drill usually takes care of that though.

Suicide Drill

Players line up in opposite corners as shown - all players including goalies. Nets are placed where the X's are

Starting on the whistle one side skates to the blue line and back. The other side follows - on the whistle -when the first side is finished. Continue on with the red line, the other blue line, then around the net to the next blue line, red line, blue line and finally to the other end and back.

1. Drill will take about five minutes
2. Good way to motivate them to do it hard is do it right before a scrimmage or shoot-out at the end of practice
3. Make sure to wait until the one side is done before starting up the second - they might collide otherwise and it also gives them a much needed rest