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Video Review of the 2009 Goalie Clinics (click here)

5 Shot Down and Up

This is a drill for goalies mobility and endurance.

1. Goalies line up as shown

2. Goalies lie on their stomachs and get up as quickly as possible and get ready for the shot when the Coach bangs his stick on the ice.

3. Both Goalies perform this drill at the same time, although they take turns stopping the pucks.

4. The Coach will take 5 shots from each position shown, alternating between goalies.

Catch and Release

6-player line up in front of goal in a semi-circle, each shoots onto the glove side of the goalie

The goalie catches the puck drops the puck to the ground controls and passes back to the player.

Place two cones on the side to the ice/court and the goalie must try to hit the cones.

Poke Check

This is a tough one for the goalies.

  • Goalie sets and Coach takes a shot
  • Goalie skates hard to the circle, and poke checks a puck.
  • Goalie skates backward to the crease, sets, and Coach shoots again.
  • Repeat going to the other side.

    To make it even tougher, have the Goalie do a diving poke check on each cycle.
  • Cross Crease Rebounds

    Player shoots from the face off dot. Regardless of where the rebound actually goes, the goalie will play as if the rebound went to the other player.

    The other player (or coach) will shoot the puck quickly after the goalie makes the initial save.

    The timing of the rebound shot should be such that the goalie has to make a good, fast move in order to save it. Try to time it as if it was bouncing of the goalie's pad first.