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Rule Book


The Official USA Hockey Rulebook 2021-2025.  Each Head Coach shall receive a hard copy version of this rule book later in the season.  It is recommended that all Team personnel familiarize themselves with the USA Hockey Rules and there enforcement.

View 2021-2025 USA Hockey Rulebook
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You are now also able to access the current 2021-25 USA Hockey Mobile rule book by downloading it in the Apple or Google Play store. 


The Casebook provides context to the USA Hockey Rules 2021 - 2025, along with Case Studies of various rules.  This is an excellent resource for every coach.  It will help eliminate some of those head scratching moments, on some of the more obscure calls made within a game.  It provides great detail on penalty situations and when and how they expire.  Take the time to review it, you will not be sorry.

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