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USA Hockey Annual Guide 2010-2011

USA Hockey provides its Annual Guide on a yearly basis.  Within the pages of this Annual Guide, you will find details on the organizations administrative structure, programs and philosophy, bylaws, rules and regulations and much more.

As an affiliate of USA Hockey, LHA is bound to follow and adhere to the contents found within the pages of this document.  You are strongly encouraged to read and understand this affiliation.

View the 2010-2011 Guide
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MAHA Constitution, Bylaws and Rules

Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) is the recognized governing body for the State of Michigan.  It is there resposibility to oversee Amateur Youth Hockey within our state.

As an affiliate of MAHA, LHA is bound to follow and adhere to MAHA's Constitution, Bylaws and Rules.  Take the time to become familiar with this document.  It is the one document that has the most influence on the adminstering of our hockey program.

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MAHA District 4 Handbook

LHA is an affiliate of Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA).  We are located within the Boundries of District 4.  MAHA District 4 Council publishes a handbook on a yearly basis.  Within these pages they identify the roles and resposibilities of the D4 Council, list contacts, list key dates, and define other key hockey related material.  Take time and review, there is great wealth of value to be gained.

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