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Sports Medicine


The sport we play involves high speed collisions and serious injuries do occur.  The association has put together some basic guidelines on dealing with emergency injury situations.  The emergency injury guide file contains some basic information to help you determine if 911 should be activated after an on ice injury has occurred. Review this information and give me a call or stop me around the rink if you have questions.

Additionally although it is not mandatory, the association strongly encourages all coaches, managers and parents obtain basic first aid and CPR +AED training. We do have an AED on site.  It is located behind the glass doors in the women's changing area which is directly through the double doors that lead to the red rink.


Hang around any rink long enough and you will see one of these happen.  Back in the day we wouldn't think twice about going back in the game after having our bell rung.  If we only knew then what we know now.  Recognition of when a concussion occurs and what to do thereafter, are critical skills for all coaches, managers, parents and players. I've included some links below that contain information about concussions including USA Hockey heads up hockey video and program resources.  I recommend that everyone view the heads up hockey video which gives practical tips on how players can minimize their injury risk on the ice.  A great use of 11 minutes of your time.  All of the links have tools that you can download for free and share with your players and parents at your next team meeting.  Also the attachment below named concussion awareness LHA meeting 9-11 contains the basic concussion awareness information I presented to the coaches and managers at the associations kick off meeting.  Click on the attachment to view the presentation. See me around the rink or contact me for more information.