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    2018 Spring Travel Tryout Information

    Team Head Coach email address Tryout Dates #1 Tryout Dates #2
    2011 Hawks Rob Schachermeyer 3/20 @ 6:30PM 3/22 @ 6:30PM
    2010 Hawks Dan Copeland 3/14 @ 6:00PM 3/18 @ 4:00PM
    2009 Hawks Jason Maxwell 3/27 @ 6:00PM 3/30 @ 6:00PM
    2008 Hawks Bryan Hewitt 3/26 @ 6:40PM 3/28 @ 7:00PM
    2008 Falcons Rob Schachermeyer 3/27 @ 6:20PM 3/29 @ 6:50PM
    2007 Falcons Jason Trzcinski 3/26 @ 6:30PM 3/27 @ 6:40PM
    2006 Falcons Mike Green 3/26 @7:20PM 3/27 @ 7:30PM
    2006 Hawks-Jeannette Bill Jeannette 3/28 @ 6:00PM 3/29 @ 6:00PM
    2006 Hawks-Moore Brian Moore Cancelled TBD
    2005 Hawks Mat Morgan 3/26 @ 8:00PM 3/28 @ 7:20PM
    2005 Falcons Rich Mihelic-MC Hockey 3/27 @ 7:50PM 3/29 @ 8:20PM
    2004 Hawks Mark Fraser 3/27 @ 8:10PM
    2004 Falcons Tony Ciciretto 3/26 @ 8:10PM 3/28 @ 8:30PM



    Registration OPEN. Link below.

    Dyan Larkin will be at the camp all day, everyday this year!!

    Registration NOW OPEN

    Hockey School Dates

    Block 1---July 9-11
    Standard Camp
    Group 1-2007-2009
    Group 2-2004-2006

    Block 2---July 12-14-(Wait list started for skaters)
    Group 1-2010-2012 Standard Camp-SOLD OUT
    Group 2-2006-2009 Elite Camp (Travel Exp. Required) SOLD OUT
    Goalie spots available for both groups

    Block 3---July 16-18

    Group 1-2007 and 2008
    Group 2-2005 and 2006 SOLD OUT FOR PLAYERS/GOALIE Spots Available


    Standard Camp



    Elite Camp


    Mini Mite Team 12 Condors-HC Steve Krause

    Blake Bennett
    Dominick Cohoon
    Alexander Hymes
    Lukas Kotula
    Robert Krause
    Jack Markos
    Ethan Mork
    Bronco Vuichard

    Mini Mite Team 13 Raptors-HC Rob Schachermeyer

    Braxton Carter
    Charlie Cirka
    Nicolas Garcia
    Daniel Habich
    Christian Phelps
    Jacob Schachermeyer
    Luca Wegner
    Brayden Wells

    Mini Mite Team 14 Griffins-HC Ty Valascho

    Josephine  Valascho
    Cayden Brodzinski
    Cooper Dunn
    Marci Grossman
    Cole Mengyan
    Wyatt Moore
    Ty Nelms
    Rick Reske
    Isabella Saenz

    Mini Mite Team 15 Predators-HC Scott Lindsey

    Chase Fuhs
    Jacob Fuhs
    JJ Lang
    Liam Lindsey
    Ryn Masen
    Jaxon Payne
    Evan Perkins
    Kellan Wolak

    Squirt #32 Griffins HC Ty Valascho

    First Practice 9/15@5:30PM
    Second Practice 9/17@8:30AM

    Jack Drobot
    Alexander Karibian
    Michael Karwaski
    Brian Meagher
    Cash Miller
    Alexander Paige
    Nathaniel Rickle
    Luke Sallach
    Noah Sallach
    Miles Stearns
    Easton Story
    Alister Valascho
    Percival Valascho
    Thomas Vargas

    Squirt #33 Predators HC Chris Lobocki

    First Practice 9/15@6:30PM
    Second Practice 9/17@8:45AM

    Logan Carpinelli
    Lucas Kintz
    Jake Klimkiewicz
    Michael Knight
    Porter Lobocki
    Braden Martel
    Joshua Minns
    Nathan Morgan
    Marcus Palmer
    Daniel Szailer
    Matthew Toombs
    Luke Walker
    Trenton Zamarripa
    Michael Zaremba

    Squirt #34 Condors---HC Nick Bryant

    First Practice 9/15@7:20PM
    Second Practice 9/17@9:30AM

    Cameron Boucher
    Evan Brueckner
    Nicholas Bryant
    Jay Fuhs
    Owen Fulsher
    Linkin Howell
    Alex Johnson
    Everett Marik
    Nathan Marik
    Hendrick Miller
    Nolan Ouellette
    Patrick Riney
    Timothy Romanuk
    Griffin Springs
    Garrett Springs

    Squirt #35 Raptors HC Al Lalone

    First Practice 9/15@7:30PM
    Second Practice 9/17@9:45AM

    Bode Bogosian
    Preston Cook
    Dylan Coppens
    Owen Crossett
    Mason Cuthbertson
    Jacob Fleser
    Maxwell Hopkins
    Andrew Jennings
    Luke LaLone
    Ashley Leddy
    Joseph MacDougall
    Vivian Malewska
    George Nequist
    Madalyne Oliver
    Ari Snider

    Pee Wee #42 Predators--HC Scott Wilson

    First Practice 9/15@8:20PM
    Second Practice 9/17@10:30AM

    Matthew Brown
    Cody Francis
    Jacob Grant
    Aidan Hawke
    Asher Kish
    Parker Pace
    William Paul
    Mason Spencer
    Kalie Stanley
    Jason Vandeputte
    Eric Wade
    Jonathan Walker
    Aidan Wilson

    Pee Wee #43 Griffins--HC Joe Cottone

    First Practice 9/15@8:20PM
    Second Practice 9/17@11:30AM

    Ethan Brodbeck
    Luca Cottone
    Jack Crossett
    Michael Mendoza
    Luke Nequist
    Mark Palmeter
    Carson Potter
    Corey Prince
    Owen Richie
    Hunter Smith
    Jack Wargo
    Dalton Zimmer
    Jay Zimmerman

    Bantam #52 Condors--HC Jason Moehle

    First Practice: Friday 9/15 @ 8:30PM
    Second Practice: Sunday 9/17 @ 12:30PM

    Jake Alexander
    William Anderson
    Tucker Combs
    Charles Hopkins
    Jacob Jackson
    Josiah Johnston Hicks
    Marcus Kainhofer
    Caleb Kish
    Mario Manzardo
    Luke Miller
    Austin Moehle
    Ayden Monier
    Justin Oliver
    Mason Shaw
    Trevor Smith
    Daniel Weber

    Bantam #53 Griffins--HC Dan VanHekken

    First Practice-9/15@8:30PM
    Second Practice-9/17@2:00PM

    Michael Bate
    Alexander Damone
    Shane Downs
    Toma Hentes
    Jason Hinsberg
    Isaac Kenerson
    Michael Kovach
    Luke Mcclafferty
    David Meagher
    Christopher Paige
    Jason Stirzinger
    Brett Tice
    Cameron Tunison
    Dwight Valascho
    Joseph Vandeputte
    Sean Vanhekken


    Your skates will be every Tuesday at 6:00PM and Saturday at 11:00AM starting September 12,2017

    We will have 3 skates and then we will divide the teams up.


    2017-18 Fall Travel Teams

    TEAM Head Coach Email
    2008 Hawks Bryan Hewitt
    2008 Falcons Rob Schacermeyer
    2007 Hawks Jason Arnold
    2007 Falcons Jason Trzcinski
    2006 Hawks (New) Bill Jeannette
    2006 Falcons Dan Copeland
    2005 Hawks Mat Morgan
    2005 Falcons Bill Meagher
    2004 Hawks Mark Fraser
    2004 Falcons John Kelly
    U16 Hawks Rich Mihelic

    2017-18 TRAVEL COACHES

    Lakeland Hockey Association and Lakeland Arena are please to announce the Travel Hockey Head Coaches for the 2017-18 Season.

    Contact Information Coming Soon!!!

    Coaches will be booking tryout dates and times soon.

    2010 Hawks-Dan Copeland                     
    2009 Hawks-Jeremy Agne (New Coach)
    2008 Hawks
    -Bryan Hewitt
    2008 Falcons-Rob Schachermeyer
    2007 Hawks-Jason Arnold
    2007 Falcons- Jason Trzcinski                  
    2006 Hawks -Bill Jeannette (New Team)
    2006 Falcons-Dan Copeland                   
    2005 Hawks -Mat Morgan
    2005 Falcons -William Meagher                   
    2004 Hawks
    -Mark Fraser
    2004 Falcons-John Kelly                    
    2001/2002 Hawks- Rich Mihelic (MC Hockey)



    Atoms - Learn to Play Hockey Program

    You can register with the link to the right or go to


    About Lakeland Hockey Association  

    Lakeland Hockey Association (LHA) is a non-profit volunteer based organization that oversees one of the finest youth hockey programs in Southeastern Michigan.  Offering developmental, competitive, and recreational ice hockey programs for children ages 4 through 18.  LHA is governed by USA Hockey and Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA).  Our commitment to youth hockey and the love for the game continues to make LHA one of the premier hockey associations in Southeastern Michigan.



    LHA is a non-profit volunteer based youth hockey organization whose sole purpose is to promote a safe, economical, and rewarding experience for its members wanting to participate in ice hockey.  LHA believes in fairness, integrity, player education, sportsmanship, and player enjoyment at all levels.  Success is measured off the ice as young players develop into responsible adults that our community can be proud to have as ambassadors.



    LHA’s goals are to develop its players′ work ethic and character on and off the ice, teach the fundamentals of hockey, and promote good sportsmanship and everlasting friendships.  LHA strives to create a program that provides a challenging yet fun and safe environment for its players.   


    LHA, USA Hockey, and MAHA

    LHA is a member of USA Hockey and MAHA.  USA Hockey is the national governing body for the sport of hockey in the United States.  USA Hockey itself is a member of the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation), the world governing body for ice hockey.  Within USA Hockey there are eleven (11) different districts that make up USA Hockey.  The Michigan chapter of USA Hockey is known as Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA). 

    MAHA governs the sport of hockey at a State level.  Within MAHA are 7 smaller districts that govern at a more local level.  LHA is part of the MAHA District 4 that governs Associations within Oakland and Livingston Counties.