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This page will serve as a guide for managers and team personnel regarding the expectations for team finances by Lakeland Hockey. Please note that many of the items put in place are required mandates by MAHA and USA Hockey and put in place to help protect the teams and those who are handling team finances. 

Team Budget


Genisys Credit Union is the the only bank Lakeland Hockey teams are permitted to use for their team accounts. 

  • The branch we use is located right next to the arena.  Address: 7372 Highland Rd, Waterford, MI. Inside banking only is permitted with each team account.
  • There are fees associated with the account, such as overdraft and NSF fees. Please see fee schedule below.
  • It is important to notify us if the person(s) on the account need to be updated. Any time there is a change of manager or coach, please notify the hockey director in order to update the account.
  • If all teams personnel is changing, all items from your team account will need to be turn in. 
  • House Teams (Tier III)- All bank account check books will need to be turned in at the end each season.