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Lakeland Hockey Association annually recognizes the efforts of its graduating seniors by awarding three different academic and achievement scholarships.  Our association has a long history of emphasizing the importance of academic achievement as part of the total development of well a rounded athlete.

Funding of these scholarships is made possible through the annual pre-season player physicals, the used equipment sale, and various other fundraisers that take place throughout the hockey season.  Now in our 22nd year, we are pleased to announce that LHA has awarded over $125,250 to 122 well deserving graduating high school seniors.

Scholarship applications are due by February 15 of each year. Applications received after February 15 will not be considered.



The original scholarship awarded by LHA.  LHA began awarding this scholarship in 1987. 

This scholarship has been designed to provide recognition for academic achievement, leadership potential and dedication to amateur hockey, as demonstrated through participation in the association.  Through this award, the association is investing in students and their future by providing financial assistance at the college level. 


This scholarship provides recognition for graduating seniors who have shown spirit and dedication to amateur hockey, as demonstrated through their longevity and involvement at LHA. 

This award is given to perpetuate the memory of Dean Scott Lee, who died tragically in an automobile accident at the age of 23.  Dean was a graduate of Central Michigan University who played his entire amateur hockey career with LHA.


The Cevil Beasley Scholarship was introduced in 1997 to recognize those graduating seniors whose career began at LHA and who went on to play for their high school.

Active in LHA, MAHA District Council and the Little Ceasars Amateur Hockey League, Cevil epitomized the spirit and dedication to amateur hockey, helping form the original LHA Academic Scholarship and Academic Achievement Programs. Cevil passed away suddenly at the young age of 47.

Scholarship Application

Please review the requirements for available scholarships. The Scholarship Application must be filled out completely and all required documentation must accompany the application to be considered.

LHA is looking for committed individuals who would like to get involved and assist in fundraising for this long standing LHA tradition.  Anyone interested should contact the Scholarship Committee Chairman.